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Océ PRISMAproduction Server

High performance workflow and output management system

The Océ PRISMAproduction Server is a high performance workflow and output management system for transpromo and graphic arts environments. This server creates a unified platform for mid to high volume high speed printing on a variety of printers from Océ and other vendors. The professional spooling system includes data conversion and prepress workflow capabilities.

Professional spooling for the transpromo and graphic arts sectors

Benefit from Océ PRISMAproduction Server with:
Centralized printer management for one or several printers
Central administration, messaging, accounting and resource handling
Data conversion for all industry-standard datastreams
Connect to one or multiple cutsheet and continuous feed high speed printing systems
Java based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for local and remote access

Versatile high output system

The Océ PRISMAproduction Server provides a single workflow and output management system for either transpromo or graphic arts processes or both. This modular system is completely scalable, so you can build in additional functionality when you need it.
Process virtually any input standard print description language with a wide range of media, input types and protocols. Output can be on almost every high performance print device, thanks to a wide range of backends. The fully automated workflow administration ensures flexibility and stability.

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