About Us

Integrated Office Systems Co. (IOS) is an Egyptian shareholding company, established in 1994.
We are Integrated Office Systems Co.(IOS), the authorized distributor and representative in Egypt of Océ Technologies Netherlands (Oce’ – Canon Group) and RICOH Japan.
Productivity, reliability, durability, ease of use and environmental friendliness, these are the qualities you get in our powerful hardware systems.
Through working face to face with you, we are committed to finding new technological solutions rather than relying on the way it’s always been done. That derives real added value from your document investments giving you real user benefits such as high quality and cost-effectiveness.
Our Objective Is To Create Significant Opportunities To Add Measurable Value To Your Key Business Process.

What Do We Offer?
  • A full range of products that covers the entire spectrum of imaging needs.
  • Top quality information and printing systems backed by solid consulting that maps out the possibilities to customers and addresses their specific needs.
  • Strong implementation services to install standardized and customized solutions.
  • User training to maximize the systems’ benefits.
  • A range of support services to keep the systems running smoothly.
How Do We Contribute in Your Business?
  • We at Integrated Office Systems are ready to take the time to understand your business process in depth, and to customize our service offering so that it matches those processes precisely. This gives you the assurance of services that are relevant to your specific needs, and that will deliver the maximum added value to your business.
  • We offer solutions that result in our customers receiving all of the hardware, software, and services that they require to meet their objectives.
  • Helping our customers raise productivity, become more efficient, increase cost effectiveness and helping them to Focus on their Core Business.
How Do We Deliver The Appropriate Document Solution For Your Organization?

Conducting a thorough analysis of the customer’s business and document processes, which then provides a clear solution direction and determines the hardware – software and service based outcome.
We identify and prioritize the document problems that our customer is facing, and we formulate a plan to address the organization’s document solution needs.
Can range from analyzing the IT infrastructure to enable smooth implementation of a hardware – software bundle to an in-depth analysis examining the customer’s document, technical and business processes.
We translate our findings into a document solution, which can comprise hardware, software, and services. These activities range from describing how a product/outsourcing solution will be integrated to modifying a hardware – software bundle to fit into our customers’ environment and IT infrastructure, to designing a customized solution integrated into our customer’s systems and working processes.
Technical specifications and a detailed benefit/investment calculation of the solution are provided including conditions necessary for successful implementation.
We, install, test and integrate hardware, software, and service based solutions at our customer’s organization. This results in providing ready – to – use systems, installed with minimal disruption to daily work. For hardware – software solutions, we train our customer on how to maximize the benefits that our solutions deliver.
After the solution has been implemented and accepted by our customer, we provide the best possible assistance when needed. Our goal is that our customer will have a continually updated system that works efficiently and according to plan and users will maximize the solution’s benefits.