Océ VarioPrint 6220 TITAN

Specifications in detail


Imaging technology

Océ Gemini technology for instant duplex printing, Advanced Active Registration technology, Paper logic

Engine resolution

LED, 600 x 1200 dpi, 85/106/125/141/180 lpi

Print speed

221 A4 prints per minute
118 A3 prints per minute

Temporary Speed Licences

Temporary speed licenses give flexibility with a speed upgrade for a limited time period

Maximum monthly print volume (A4)

500,000 – 5,000,000 (A4 images)


User operation

Intuitive 15 inch high resolution colour touchscreen


Sound power level

Standby Mode: 69 db
Print Mode: 84 db

Power Consumption

Standby Mode: 0.9 KW
Print Mode: 4.3 KW

Print Guard

Basic Information

Post fuser entity for VarioPrint 6000 MICR TITAN series and optional for VarioPrint 6000 TP TITAN

Paper Handling

Paper input (Standard)

Paper module with 4 paper trays (2 x 1700 sheets + 2 x 600 sheets)


Second and third paper module

Maximum paper capacity

24,000 A4 sheets from 4 standard and 8 optional paper trays (80 gsm media)
Dual paper tray option to increase A4 paper input capacity

Paper Weight

45 – 50 gsm with the optional light-weight media module
50 – 300 gsm for Canon recommended media
60 – 200 gsm for other media
Coated media: 120 – 200 gsm: standard, 80-120 gsm / 200 – 250 gsm: (only on approved media)

Paper Sizes

203 x 203 mm – 350 x 500 mm; Statement (178 x 252 mm)

Standard Paper Module

Paper Trays

2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1,700 sheets (80 gsm)

Standard paper capacity

4,600 sheets

Paper Sizes

203 x 203 mm – 488 x 320 mm;
178 x 252 mm*

Optional Paper Module


Two additional paper modules can be included along with the standard paper module

Paper Trays

2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1700 sheets (80 gsm) per paper module

Maximum paper capacity

16,000 sheets (sum of 2 paper modules with dual paper tray)

Paper Sizes

203 x 203 mm – 488 x 320 mm; Statement (178 x 252 mm)*

Flex Paper Module


Flexible paper input module that can also handle 350×500 mm paper sizes. Can be used as Standard Paper module (as first module after the engine)

Paper Trays

2 x 600 sheets, 1 x 1650 sheets (80gsm) per paper module

Paper Sizes

Upper 2 trays: 203 x 203 mm (LEF) – 488 x 320 mm; Statement (178 x 252 mm)
2 bulk trays: 203×208 mm (LEF) – 500 x 350 mm (SEF)

Max paper size

350 x 500 mm SEF in Flex paper module trays only (bulk trays)

Min paper size

Normal trays: same as Standard Paper module; Flex paper module trays 208 x 203 mm

High Capacity Stacker-H1


Up to three high capacity stackers can be added


2 x 3,000 sheets (80 gsm) per stacker

Paper Sizes

203 x 203 mm – 350 x 500mm; optional 178 x (203 – 320 mm)

Maximum paper capacity

18,000 sheets (3 stackers)


Tab printing, DFD finishing for third-party finishing

Optional Finisher


Optional Staple and stacker finisher in combination with High Capacity Stacker

Output capacity

4,000 sheets (80 gsm, A4)

Staple Capacity

100 sheets (80 gsm)

Paper Sizes

208 x 275 mm – 220 x 306 mm


Corner stapling, Two-side stapling

Stapling Position

Portrait, Landscape, Book


Optional: 50 sheet staple cartridge and staples (Especially suited to thin document production)



PRISMAsync controller; Type: T43 iBase


10/100/1000 MB, 2x 1GB Ethernet network ports

Page Description Language(s)

APPE (Adobe® PDF Print Engine)
• Adobe® PostScript® 3TM/ streaming PostScript®
• PPML/GA Level 1
• PPML versions 1.5,2.1 and 2.2
PDF 1.7
IPDS (optional)


TCP/IP (LPR/LPD, socket), SMB static/auto IP (via DHCP)
SNMP v1-v3 (printer MIB, private MIB, Job monitoring MIB), IPP


Print from USB

Automatic language sensing for PostScript, PDF and PCL 6
Instant switching from IPDS or PCL5e /PJL to PostScript 3,PDF or PCL 6
Streaming behaviour for all PDLs
Xerox DigiPath®/FreeFlow software and job ticket support with Océ DPlink software
PDF, PS, PCL, XPS via USB connection on operator panel
Kodak SmartBoard® connectivity support with Océ KDKlink

Océ Prisma® Software

Océ PRISMAprepare
PRISMAproduction, Océ PRISMAsatellite for ERP,
Océ Document Designer Advanced, Océ PRISMAspool,
Océ Dpconvert, Océ Vpconvert, Océ MeterManager
PRISMAsync Remote Controle
PRISMAlytics = dashboard
Océ PRISMAproduction
GMC PrintNet
InfoPrintManager AIX

Light Weight Media Kit


Special installation kit for the engine to support the use of media >44 gsm, requires pressurized air, recommended in case of light weight media specialization

Paper Sizes

203 x 203 mm – 350 x 500mm, all supported sizes support by the paper input modules

Paper Weight

> 44 gsm plain paper, grain direction in transport direction

Booklet Maker (BLM200)

Stapling capacity

2 – 25 sheets (80 gsm media)

Output capacity on conveyor belt

Dependent upon booklet thickness: up to 100 booklets;
optional PowerStacker available
Conveyor belt supports unlimited stacking by delivering booklets to an external catch tray

Paper weight Booklet pages:

60 – 300 gsm

Booklet cover:

up to 300 gsm

Paper size min

203 mm x 248 mm

Paper size max

320 mm x 470 mm


Saddle stitching using staple cartridges, Half folding (1 sheet)


Face trimmer module; SquareFold module;
Rotator for maximising productivity of A5 booklet production;
Power Stacker for up to 400 booklets

Booklet Maker (BLM550+)

Saddle stitch capacity

2-52 sheets (80 gsm media); 2-56 sheets 70 gsm media.

Output capacity on conveyor belt

Dependent upon booklet thickness: up to 35 booklets; optional Book Stacker available.
Conveyor belt supports unlimited stacking by delivering booklets to an external catch tray

Paper weight Booklet pages:

70 – 300 gsm

Booklet cover:

up to 300 gsm

Paper size min

203mm x 203 mm

Paper size max

350mm x 503 mm

Features Saddle stitching

up to 6 stitches per booklet, Half folding (1 sheet); Face trimming; Square spine forming; Rotator for maximising A5 booklet productivity

Options Book Stacker for production environments

1040 mm stacking capacity, which means approximately:
– 450 booklets of 10 sheets/40 pages (2 mm spine)
– 180 booklets of 25 sheets/100 pages (5 mm spine)
– 90 booklets of 50 sheets/200 pages (10 mm spine)

Inline Tape Binder (DFS 30)

Binding capacity

Up to 120 sheets (80 gsm media)

Integrated Camera Mounting Unit

Inline camera inspection

Third Party Finishing

Thanks to the open DFD interface, the VarioPrint 6000 TITAN series is flexible to 3rd party finishing.
Some examples of 3rd party finishing are
BGB 3202 Perfect Binder
GBC PowerPunch

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