Canon varioPRINT 130

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Specifications in detail



Black & white printer / scanner / copier

Imaging technology

Océ DirectPress®

Toner Cartridge/s

Mono-component toner

Engine resolution

600 x 2400dpi


Toner Transfer Fusing (TTF) technology, HeatXchange technology, On-the-fly toner and paper refill; Automatic duplexing (up to 300gsm), Active registration


Operator attention light with adjustable warn-ahead functions, CCD interface

Print speed (simplex and duplex)


133 ipm


69 ipm


65 ipm


Recommended monthly print volume (A4)


Maximum monthly print volume (A4)



User operation

Integrated 15” full colour touchscreen operator panel
Full engine / controller integration with one point of control
PRISMAsync controller
Remote Control: iOS/Android application
Remote Monitoring: on desktop via Remote User Interface
Remote Meter Reading: secure and easy transmission of meter readings
Remote Diagnostics: for maximum printer uptime
Remote Software Upgrade: always the latest software and
functionality available

Warm-up Time

150-270 seconds, depending on amount of toner in cleaner

First-Copy-Out Timev6XYdnro6zg

Simplex: 3.9 seconds

First Print Out Time

Simplex and ripped: 5.1 seconds

Registration Tolerance

Maximum +/- 0.5mm (A4 images)

Dimensions main engine (WxDxH)

1130 x 765 x 1040 mm (excluding user interface)
1130 x 765 x 1430 mm (including user interface)

Weight main engine

263kg (with Scanner / Automatic document feeder)


EPA Energy Star®/ TEC compliancy, RoHS, Cetecom /
CE Class A, FCC Class A, UL / TüV / CE, REACH

Product Safety & Environment

EPA/TEC compliance, RoHS compliance, Cetecom / CE Class A, FCC Class A, UL / TüV / CE, VCCI, ErP, China RoHS, CRDH FDA (USA), WEEE, Green Procurement Standards, EAC, KC, RCM, International Energy Star

Other compliancies

Section 508, EPEAT BRONZE, De-inkability certificate

Operating System

Windows 10


2.7 GHz



Hard Disk drive

500 GB


10/100/1000 Base-T

Page Description Language(s)

APPE (Adobe® PDF Print Engine): Adobe® PostScript® 3TM/ streaming PostScript®; PPML/GA Level 1; PPML versions 1.5, 2.1 and 2.2
PDF 1.7; PCL 6; XPS; IPDS (options); Xerox® PPP support


136 Type1 fonts for roman languages
Use of PostScript fonts via Settings Editor


TCP/IP (LPR/LPD, socket), SMB static/auto IP (via DHCP), SNMP v1-v3 (printer MIB, private MIB), Job monitoring MIB, IPP


Common Criteria EAL 2+, E-shredding, HTTPs, Firewall, PIN for Doc Box, User authentication to SDS, Removable hard disk, IPv6, software protection license (integrity checker), user authentication per user role: key operator, system administrator and service representative


Schedule (8 hours ahead), DocBox for advanced job editing, One queue and job management for copying and printing , Spool-while-rip-while-print-while-clean-up, Multi-job processing, Multitasking (print / copy / scan), JDF connector compatible, Remote Meter Reading, Remote Diagnostics, Remote Software Upgrade and remote control


Sound power level

Ready mode: max 33dB
Print mode: max 64dB

Ozone emissions

None (engine)

Power requirements

1-Phase, 200 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

Ready mode: 270W
Low power mode: 150W
Sleep mode: 4.3W (excl. controller)
Operation (duplex): 2.0 kW

Optimum temperature & Relative humidity

17° C – 30° C / 20% – 80%

Room ventilation

50 m3 or >2AC/hr at room size > 50 m3

Internal Paper Module

Paper Trays

2 x 1500 sheets (80gsm)
2 x 500 sheets (80gsm)

Paper size and weight

50 – 300gsm
A4, B5 and A5 (bulk trays 1+2)
140 x 182mm – up to 320 x 432mm (tray 3)
140 x 182mm – up to 320 x 488mm (tray 4)

Paper feed technology

Friction feed, Paper Logic from all trays

External Paper Module-D1


Optional external paper input module with single or dual paper trays

First module

2 x 1700 sheets (80gsm, all sizes)
2 x 600 sheets (80gsm, all sizes)
Dual configuration: max. 2 x 3400 sheets (80gsm, A4)
2 x 600 sheets (80gsm, all sizes)

Maximum paper capacity

8,000 sheets (A4 80gsm) / 4,600 sheets (all sizes)

Paper size and weight

50 – 300gsm
203 x 203mm – 320 x 488mm (all trays)

Paper feed technology

Suction feed, Air separation, Paper Logic from all trays

Power requirements

90-264 V, 40-67 Hz, 200 W


Automatic paper size detection, Tray-empty detection, On-the-fly paper loading, Paper-level indication, Tab sheet processing, Custom paper size support, Optional dual paper trays


Job management

DocBox, Queue and History, Waiting Room

Print Resolution

Adobe PostScript 3: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 600 x 2400 dpi
PCL: 600 x 600dpi

Maximum printable area

Adobe PostScript 3: 3mm from side, maximum 308 x 484mm
PCL: 6 mm

Screen frequency

PCL: maximum 106 lpi
Adobe PostScript 3: maximum 200 lpi

Grey levels

Adobe PostScript 3: 200
PCL: 125


RIP at rated engine speed, Pre-RIP, Print-while-rip-while-spool (Streaming), Mixplex, Hotfolder & multiple queue support


Copy resolution

600 x 1200 dpi

Exposure control

Auto / Manual (9-step scale), Text, Text / Photo, Photo


25 – 400%; automatic

Screen frequency

200 lpi

Grey levels



Automatic quality optimization for text/photo



75, 100, 150, 200, 300 (default), 600 dpi

Colour scanning



Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-DocBox, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-USB

File Format

PDF (single-page and multiple-page), TIFF, JPEG / sRBG (colour scanning)


Thumbnail preview (DocBox), Scan profiles, Status overview,
Scan-once-print-many, Scan-while-warming up, Scan-while-print, Subset-scanning, RGB color scanning, Scan to File mixed sizes

Duplex Colour Image Reader-L1


300 sheets (80gsm)

Maximum resolution

600 x 600 dpi

Maximum scan speed

A4, Black& white/colour, 300 x 300dpi: 120ipm
A4, Black & white, 600 x 600dpi: 100ipm
A4, Colour, 600 x 300dpi: 105ipm
A4, Colour, 600 x 600dpi: 25ipm

Auto detectable original size

A3, A4, A4R, A5, A5R, Free sizes (W x L): Min. 139.7 mm x 128 mm, Max. 432 mm x 304.8 mm

Paper Weight

1-sided: 38 – 220 gsm
2-sided: 50 – 220 gsm

Document Insertion Unit-N1

Number of Trays


Tray Capacity

200 sheet/ bin

Paper Weight

52 – 300gsm

Paper Sizes

A3, A4, A4R, SRA3, 13″x19″, Free size (182 × 182 mm to 330.2 × 487.7 mm)

Power Source/ Consumption

230V 10A

High Capacity Stacker-H1

Stack Tray Capacity

Stack tray: 6,000 sheets (80 gsm) in two stacks of 3,000 sheets each

Top Tray Capacity

Top Tray: 200 sheets

Acceptable Paper Weight

50 – 300gsm

Acceptable Paper Size

Max defined for main engine. Custom sizes between min.
140 x 182mm up to 320 x 488mm, mixed sizes, tabs and folded sheets
230V 10A (2nd Stacker can get power from 1st Stacker)

Paper Folding Unit-J1

Basic Information

Z Fold, C Fold, Zigzag Fold, Double Parallel

Acceptable Paper Weight

50 – 105gsm
Double parallel: 50 – 90gsm

Acceptable Paper Size

Z-fold: A3, B4


Basic Information

Staple and stacking finisher

Number of Trays


Upper Tray (A) Capacity

A4/A4R/A5R 1,000sheets, A3 1,000sheets, SRA3/13″x19″ 1,000 sheets

Lower Tray (B) Capacity

A4 4,000 sheets, A4R 2,000 sheets, A3 1,500 sheets, SRA3 1,000 sheets

Stapled stacking capacity

A4 200 sets or max 3,000 sheet

Stapling Position

Corner, Double

Acceptable Paper Weight

50 – 300gsm

Staple Capacity

A4: 100 sheets, A3/A4R: 50 sheets

Booklet Finisher-W1

Basic Information

Same functionality as Finisher W1 and additional saddle stitching and V-folding functionality
Up to 100 pages booklet available (2 – 25 sheets)
Stack capacity up to 5000 sheets and up to 100 sheets stapled

Number of Trays


Upper Tray (A) Capacity

1,000 sheets A4/A4R/A5R, 1,000sheets A3, 1,000 sheets SRA3/13″x19″

Lower Tray (B) Capacity

A4 4,000 sheets, A4R 2,000 sheets, A3 1,500 sheets, SRA3 1,000 sheets

Stapled stacking capacity

A4 200 sets or max 3,000 sheet

Stapling Position

Corner, Double

Acceptable Paper Weight

50 – 300 gsm

Booklet stitch paper size

A3, A4R,SRA3, 13″x19″, Free size 210×279.4 mm to 330.2×487.7 mm


Up to 5 sheets

Booklet Trimmer-F1

One Edge Trimming


Trim Width

2 – 28mm

Trim Thickness

Up to 50 sheets (includes Cover, by half fold)

Acceptable Paper Weight

50 – 300gsm

Output Tray Capacity

30 booklets

Two-knife Booklet Trimmer-A1

Basic Information

Top and Bottom Edge trim

Trim Width

2 – 15 mm

Trim Thickness

Up to 50 sheets (includes Cover, by half fold)

Acceptable Paper Weight

50 – 300 gsm

Output Tray Capacity

30 booklets

Punch Unit BT1 / BU1

Basic Information

Requires either the Booklet Finisher W1 or Staple Finisher W1

Punch Hole type

BT1: 2 holes and 4 holes (FRN) selectable, BU1:  4 holes (Swe)

Acceptable Punch Paper Weight

52-300 gsm

Acceptable Punch Paper Size

2 holes: A3, A4, A4R, Free size (182 x 182 to 297 x 432.0 mm)   4 holes: A3, A4, Custom sizeFree size ( 257 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm)

Multifunctional Pro Puncher-B1

Basic Information

External In-line Punch Unit

Acceptable Paper Weight

75-300 gsm (Plain paper), 118-300gsm (Coated paper), 157-300gsm (Crease/ Plain & Coated paper)

Acceptable Paper Size

Punch : A4, A4R, SRA4, A3, SRA3
Crease : A4R, A3, SRA3, 13×19

Punch tools

Plastic Comb 21-Hole, Twin Loop 23-Hole (Round/Rectangle), Twin Loop 34-Hole (Round/Square), Color Coil 47-Hole, Velo Bind 12-Hole, Loose Leaf 4-Hole Punch, Loose Leaf 2-Hole Punch, Loose Leaf 4-Hole (Swedish), Loose Leaf 3-Hole, Crease

Output Tray

Basic Information

Basic tray face-up/ face-down stacking

Paper Sizes

All available size on marking engine

Paper Weight

50 to 300 gsm

Output capacity

250 sheets at simplex printing/100 sheets at duplex printing

3rd Party Finisher

Basic Information

The varioPRINT 130 series can be configured also with 3rd party finishing. Please find here a selection of listed and approved finishers
Plockmatic Pro 50 and Pro 35 Booklet makers
BLM300 Booklet maker
BLM600 Booklet maker
Max Ringbinder

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