Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D6500

High-Quality drawing interactive whiteboard

Developing and communicating concepts quickly and effectively is critical in commerce and education today. In the modern office space, collaborative working is also essential, utilising new ways of working to develop ideas easily. Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard D6500 facilitates efficient training and collaborative working, allowing you to develop content that will engage and enlighten user groups. And with a choice of models with and without a controller, there is a solution to exactly meet your needs.

Young minds learn best through interaction and discussion. The D6500 facilitates this by making lessons and lectures lively and stimulating. It allows a whole host of graphics, images, diagrams and videos not only to be displayed but annotated and revised. Great ideas and useful lesson graphics don’t need to be lost when the class ends because you can save and share information in PDF format.

  • High resolution full HD 1080p LCD display incorporating LED backlight provides outstanding visual clarity
  • Ricoh controller allows remote information sharing for up to 20 D6500 devices and 20 PC or 10 tablet users
  • Intuitive operation with Ricoh controller provides simple management utilising friendly iconography
  • Easy interaction of displayed information using handwriting or electronic pen with Ricoh controller

A complete solution for training and collaborative working, available with or without controller

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