HotSpot Enterprise

HotSpot Enterprise provides a simple, secure and scalable way to connect mobile workers with enterprise document output resources.

Hosted within the enterprise, it enables users to securely send print tasks via email, a web portal, a mobile app or from work computers, including PCs and Macs.

By avoiding the need for device-specific drivers, HotSpot Enterprise enables IT managers to accelerate support for new devices within the enterprise, advancing bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. Meanwhile, users benefit from a more seamless and efficient printing experience, boosting productivity.

With security in mind, HotSpot Enterprise is compatible with existing document management and user authentication systems, including Ricoh StreamLine NX, to support security and auditing processes within the organisation.

  • Offer more flexible, convenient access to document output resources
  • Allow direct printing from mobile, tablet and non-Windows devices for staff and permitted guests
  • Ensure the security of documents and print resources by keeping data on-premise and limiting access to authorised users
  • Enable accurate usage monitoring and charging through integration with enterprise document management systems
  • Scalable to meet demand with support for thousands of users across multiple networks

Features & benefits

  • Connect document output resources with any computer, smartphone or tablet device
  • Extend print facilities to authorised guests, enabling printing from their own device
  • Restrict access to printed documents by allocating a unique Secure Release Code for each print task
  • Allow users to quickly locate the nearest document output device with GPS and search support
  • Protect print data sent over email and online using enterprise-grade AES encryption
  • Support thousands of users and print devices across multiple networks with a single deployment
  • Distribute print tasks across multiple processing servers for greater performance and reliability
  • Complete API suite for integration with additional enterprise infrastructure resources, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Compatible with Ricoh StreamLine NX and third party products for document management, tracking and auditing
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