PJ WXL4540

The laser light source projector launched by Ricoh, the PJ WXL4540 makes an instant impact with exceptional image resolution, continuous brightness and low energy usage. The easy-to-operate, maintenance-free lamp-free design, small footprint and light weight enhance the remarkable efficiency. Suitability for ceiling mounting is another way to free up floorspace as well as project information uninterrupted. Environmentally aware users and buyers in education, commercial corporations and government departments will all appreciate the many benefits

features and benefits:

Brightness is the difference between these two outstanding designs: the PJ WXL4540 offers 3200lm and the brightness is WXGA. Equipped with constant operation, you can eliminate interruptions – perfect for many presentation locations, including small to medium size classrooms. Short throw projection helps deliver flexibility without compromising resolution, and the total absence of mercury in these projectors augments your environmental credentials.

  • 10k/20k(eco) hours ultra-long life
  • Instant on/off and continuous brightness
  • Mercury-free – zero environmental harm
  • Short-throw projection (56.4” from 0.75m/XL4540)
  • Light weight, small footprint
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