Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan

Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan

Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan is a free app for iOS and Android that makes it easy for users to send print tasks to Ricoh multifunction printer (MFP) and printer resources directly from their smartphone or tablet, and receive scanned image files directly to their device.

With built-in support for a wide range of Ricoh MFPs and printers, Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan enables users to wirelessly print a range of file types from their device, including photos, web pages, Microsoft Office, PDF documents, as well as content from cloud storage services It also allows users to scan images directly to their smart device, and save these files to cloud storage.

By eliminating the need to send files to a computer first, Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan can help increase productivity and support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives within a business.

For enhanced security, users can set a password that is needed before a print task can be collected. The app can also be integrated with a device user authentication system for greater security and control over the use of document output resources.

  • Available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Easily connect smart devices with Ricoh print and scanner resources within your network environment
  • Increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to print documents and receive scanned images
  • Support security initiatives with password protection and integration with document output management tools
  • Enable users to control a wide range of print settings and output formats for optimal printing results
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